Poor Stevie

February 2007 archive

My favourite animal: 

You know why? Because they are like the T-Rex of the sea. Plus, I was watching Killer Sharks narrated by shark/lady expert Daniel McPherson and when they come upand do as shown above they acually make a noise like a choking duck. Really, they are just big and cuddly, and most of all killer. Also, happy two and a half years to my lovely boyfy:


oh crap, sorry, here he is:

He loves invisible food.

Dear everyone,

I am employed. Look out big smoke, here I come. Also, I’m hot.

Love, Steph

Dear Babel,

You really made me want to go back to Japan, hang out in Mexico and go to Morocco. Awesome.

Best, Steve

Dear Brad Pitt,

You look pretty sexual as an older man. I think its weird that you pashed Cate Blanchett while she was peeing in a pan.

Sincerly, Stevie

Dear Orange,

See you later suckers!

Up yours, Stephanie