Poor Stevie

December 2007 archive

There seems to be a distinct lack of interest in Christmas in my family this year. So I feel it’s up to Stevie Claus to make it happen.

I will NOT let Christmas dissapear.

So this is what I’ve been doing:

Writing Christmas cards on beautiful festive stationery

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Leaving presents for Joel to come home to

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Looking at Christmas lights (admittedly this was just because we were walking through Martin Place on our way home from Homebake – also known as the place a hit Paul Kelly in the face with a pen).

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This weekend Julia and I are going Christmas shopping. Woo!

Merry December 12 everybody

I was devastated when on December 1 I didn’t have an advent calender. Weeks before I had seen the one I wanted to buy in David Jones food hall – a shimmering red Lindt chocolate one. So I refused my mum’s offer to send me the regular ones she buys from the christian bookshop back home.

Yesterday I searched in Target to no avail – does that store actually sell anything of use!? – and then today I went to David Jones and of course they were all sold out.

Everywhere else only had horrible Bratz dolls calenders and I was this close to reluctantly buying one. It just wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t get to count down by opening a little door every day.

But, luckily my old friend Darrel Lea had some. They are cheesy, they are great.

The snob half of me (ok, three quarters) was all: “Don’t buy that, Darrel Lea chocolate sticks to the roof of your mouth like I imagine baby poo would, but of course I would never think about eating baby poo because I am your snob three-quarter”

But then another part of me (a quarter, if you will) was all: “This is what Christmas is about. There are some poor people out there who are forced to eat bad chocolate at Christmas because they can’t afford Lindt, you snob, I hope you choke”.

So here they are – stuck to our cupboards with gaffa tape.

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Happy December 3 everyone!

Christmas in my family has always been super-duper special. The putting up of the tree is the beginning. Then there is the making of the rum balls, the creation of the christmas menu, the making of the big christmas morning breakfast, the hours of shopping, the stressing over what to get for dad, the wrapping of presents, the putting of the presents under the tree, the dragging of Mary out of the bed, the eating, the carolling and the ear bursting squealing.

It was my beloved moo-ma who passed on her christmas joy to of us. As little kids she used to write us long, detailed Santa letters in metallic pen and sometimes she would hang them from trees for us to find. We used to do all the fun stuff like leave carrots out for the reindeer and beer out for Santa. We’d wake up far too early on Christmas morning to find our Santa sacks filled to the brim. And that excitement has never really left me.

So this year, as my first Christmas in stinky old Sydney, I had to make it just as special. Joel is not really a huge Christmas person so I also wanted to show him what decking the halls is all about.

We went to Target to buy a tree, which these days cost around $150 which is craaazzzzeeeeeee. So we decided to buy some Christmas decorations, hunt down some sticks and decorate those instead.

Here is the result:

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Check it out – real candy canes!!

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Merry December 2nd everyone!