Poor Stevie

If you put it on

I’m bidding for this on eBay.

I love searching for ‘vintage dress’ on eBay. About 17,348 items come up and only about one-tenth of those are truly vintage and about one-tenth of those one-tenths are actually cool. But it’s the trawling that’s just so satisfying, just like in a real life op-shop in the real life world.

I would love to wear this little baby to my engagement party, which is in exactly a week. I could be cutting it seriously fine, but I want to look good. And this strikes me as one of those dresses that could be awesomed up even more with a dash of red lipstick, some heels and some mildly teased hair. At this point it kind of looks like I’ll be wearing jeans that need constant pulling up in order to prevent peep shows and a shirt that says ‘walkman’. Gah!

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