Poor Stevie

September 2009 archive

there inside the garden

These past couple of months I’ve had to get used to living with a little less money than usual. So while there’s been plenty of tears, tantrums and one-ply toilet paper, there’s also been time to discover new things. Like on Friday the J-man and I went and wandered in Wendy Whiteley’s garden.

Sometimes crossing the harbour bridge with thousands of others each day against a backdrop of smog and concrete, it’s easy to lose hope of ever seeing something green again. I think we’re really lucky as Sydneysiders to have some amazing, historic gardens and parks to make out in. Some of my happiest times in Sydney have been hanging out and eating cheese with my buddies in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Recently the J and I visited Government House (it’s free!) and those gardens were like something out of Pride and Prejudice or Marie Antoinette or Better Homes and Gardens with Joanna Griggs. Of course, if you stay too long a certain jealous rage bubbles up and you have to stop yourself from starting a biffo with the sweet, delightful governor.

So, take my eternally clammy hand and let’s wander in Wendy’s garden together…

(Please forgive me. I am not a photographer. If there’s a powerline, I’ll capture it. If there’s bad lighting, I’m there in the shadows wondering why my pictures aren’t showing up. If I can put my finger somewhere on the lens, I will.)

See what I’m sayin’?

This is what I loved a lot about WW’s garden. There are all these beautiful blooms against a backdrop of CityRail.

I thought this looked very secret garden. You can almost hear that poor little boy’s screams just looking at this picture.

There were lots of these cute hand-written signs everywhere.

That’s kind of close to Sydney Theatre Company right? I can see Joel Edgerton’s pecs from here. Siiigh.

Here’s a different Joel standing sheepishly under a cumquat tree.

Here’s me. Why do I insist on doing my hair that way?  I look like I’ve escaped from the compound.

Gah! A dinosaur!