Poor Stevie

you can’t straighten my curls

At the end of this trip, I hope to write a comprehensive travel guide outlining budgets, travel options, the best hostels, cool cities, dud cities and where to find the best donuts (Okay, I’ll tell you that now: Rila Monestary, Bulgaria. You buy them from a stand called “Happy American Donuts” and you add your own sugar. Dangerous! And Happy!). But there’s a little something I want to share with you now because it’s a discovery all y’all ladies can use at home.

Behold the world’s most perfect travel hairstyle!


It’s the side bun circa 1989! I also rocked this look for my wedding. (However, at my wedding I wasn’t wearing a second-hand coat from Cluj and – luckily – wasn’t completely infested with bed bugs, as I was at the time this photo was taken. Thank you, Romania!) The side bun is the perfect travel hairstyle because a) you can lean your head back on train/bus seats and relax b) it’s really easy to do c) it gets your hair out of the way of the straps on your 14kg backpack and d) it can easily translate from weary traveller to international party girl with just a flick of a comb.

Here’s the view from the back:


It’s a little messy here, yes. But that’s from all the lying back and relaxing I’d been doing from Brasov to Bucharest. (The dude in the photo is an NYC-er we met at our Brasov hostel. He was an inspiration to me – he ordered fried chicken for breakfast.)

And below is the same hairstyle a few hours later, while preparing for a long night aboard a sleeper train (and, obviously, earning a little extra cash on the side as a model for Big W photo frame happy example shots).


(This post has been brought to you by the overuse of brackets for witty remarks on the snide.)

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