Poor Stevie

30 days of Poor Stevie

I had a great idea this morning while reading about mass chicken farming in Australia. As I read about the 75,000 chickens slaughtered in a processing plant in one day, I thought: What is something meaningful I could do? Of course, as a Generation Y middle-class white girl, I forgot entirely about those tasty, decadent, delicious chickens and started pondering something totally unrelated and self-involved. Myself! My interesting, clever and wonderful self.

For 30 days (maybe) I’m going to shoot very short videos of what my days are like. I know, right? WORLD CHANGING SHIT IS GOING DOWN RIGHT HERE.

First up. This is me dancing to rap in our kitchen on a Sunday morning. J-man tells me if I really listened to the women-hating lyrics of this song, I’d be upset. But hey, girls just wanna have fun!

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