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December 2011 archive

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The greatest hits of 2011, as recorded in my red Moleskine.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we stood at the peak of Bernal Heights Park and watched 2011 roll in. We were in San Francisco. Over the oceans and far away. Isn’t that weird?

We waited and waited for our little cream flat to be open for inspection. And when it was, only we could get past the (then) fluro green walls and cupboard-sized bathroom to see the potential. With an eccentric but lovable landlord, friendly neighbours, a leafy courtyard and an excellent cafe downstairs, it is the best place in the world.

This was the last time I saw my grandmother. It might seem strange to include this on my “greatest hits” list, but it was one of the most perfect days – she was happy and in good spirits. When I went home a couple of weeks after her death, I found a plain gold ring that had fallen from one of her coat pockets. So now it’s on my wedding ring finger behind my love heart engagement ring, as a constant reminder of wonderful Maime (mostly spelt ‘Mamie’. I went wrong somewhere). It makes it a little bit easier when I realise I can’t write her a letter or call her anymore.

Bat For Lashes at the Opera House was one of my favourite shows of all time. I’ve been searching for the perfect red, full skirt ever since.

Our (squishy) trip to Splendour, via J-man’s best friend’s house. We slept in a cute caravan on his parents’ property and woke up to a foggy green Queensland valley.

Seeing Jon Ronson talk about psychopaths at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Then had my own dangerous idea to hang out on the couch, eat pizza and watch Ryan Gosling become my number one hot-intense-hot dude of the year.

The first swim of the season at Copacabana is always amazing. This time Adam Spencer popped up from underneath the water. Weird.

The more banal and/or amusing moments of 2011, as captured in my red Moleskine diary

“Came home. J-man had done the housework!” – April 7

“Read the papers. Had first dinner at new dining table.” – April 9

“J-man made vindaloo. I got a little sick.” – May 1

“Little sleep in.” – May 7

“Big sleep in!” – May 8

“Bought amazing new bedspread.” – June 6

“Watched Hot Tub Time Machine.” – July 2

“Spider in the shower! Made steak wraps.” – September 2

“Massive rash on my face!” – October 11

“Feeling really frickin’ nervous.” – October 23

“Saw Contagion. Dude behind me had a cough” – November 6

“Alicia’s party. Salt n Pepa dance off in the laundry. Massive fall” [on the road in Redfern, which led to a staph infection and a lot of complaining] – November 26

“Slept at Cessnock Hotel. Massive bogan punch up” – December 10

The cutest thing that happened this year, as recorded on my iPhone

My nephew, little V, trying to say my name. At least he didn’t say “Steve”.

The most mysterious day of 2011, as not recorded in my red Moleskine diary

How am I ever to know what happened on Thursday August 18, 2011. I have no alibi.