Poor Stevie

September 2012 archive

four walls

Recently recounting getting our nephew to sleep while he stayed over.

Me: I don’t mind cuddling him during the tantrums. Because crying actually makes you really exhausted. You know, like when you cry yourself to sleep?

Him: I’ve never done that.

Me … Me neither.


Reasons you could mistake me for a huge conservative:

– The first time I could vote, at a local council election, I voted for Family First because I thought their name sounded sweet.

– I can recite the lord’s prayer, both Anglican and Catholic versions.

– I have two royal wedding cups and a Buckingham Palace tea caddy.

– I met my first real boyfriend when I was 17. I married him when I was 24.

– Babies, please ASAP.

– Last night J-man came home at 4am, exactly eight hours after I returned from having tea and scones and a Bento Box and peach tea with my friend Liam. We also shopped for bananas and washing up liquid.