Poor Stevie


Oh hey. Here are some things about me.

I live in Sydney with my husband the J-man. We got married in the surf club at Copacabana Beach on March 13, 2010. It came 10 months after he proposed to me while I was naked.  We travelled the world in 2010 and 2011 and I tried a lot of awesome peanut butters. Then we had a baby, Cordelia, (King Lear, not Buffy) in September 2013.

I’m 28. Some notable moments in my life so far have included getting run over by a blind-ish old man while crossing the road in a place called Boorowa, losing my first tooth during assembly practice in kindergarten, discovering Tex Mex chips sometime during primary school, winning a voucher for six cinnamon donuts in a reading competition, making a kick-ass candlestick holder in metal work in year eight, being made supervisor at a cheap department store, spew burping at my first university pub run, watching the sun rise from the roof of the university newspaper office, drinking many Tiger beers in Vietnam, buying a series of gold rings that make up one giant hamburger, getting awful weebum in Bulgaria, and cooking a complicated rib dish and eating it while I was a vegetarian.

I started blogging as a teenager in a journal I called totalwhatever. It mostly chronicled my teen angst, boy trouble and weird insecurities. I named a lot of people in that blog, so it now has a password to protect the identities of all the high school boyfriends I outed as bad kissers or dumb-asses. Those poor, poor boys. I also started a livejournal during university. You can read the highlights of my Livejournal entries from 2005 to 2009 beginning here. I have made a lot of those entries private because they remind me of how much a loser I was/maybe still am.

The J-man encouraged me to create this little blog. Poor Stevie comes from my pretty pathetic habit of talking about myself in the third person. Sometimes really bad things happen to me like I’ll stub my toe, accidentally sit on the remote control or wake up with greasy hair and that’s the first thing I’ll say: “Poor Steeevie!”

So expect a lot more of those kinds of amazing adventures.

You can contact me via email: poorstevie at gmail dot com