Poor Stevie

Teeeheee.. ello there.

Today I am in love with doing nothing. Yesterday I finished the last of my exams and now I have three months of scanning hair products/batteries/chips in bulk/CDs and listening to people whinge about how they need a refund. Life!

Here are some things about moi:

  • I study journalism
  • I like red
  • I’m addicted to Vogue
  • I enjoy the sounds of PJ Harvey and Queens of the Stone Age along with a lot of other things.
  • I’m obsessed with rockstars and their children (see: Osbournes)
  • I work at a discount store and wish I didn’t
  • I want to buy a bright red speedstar bike
  • I’m reading Female Chauvinst Pigs
  • I’m the editor of my uni paper next year and I’m scared I might be responsible for its (kind of) credibility seeping dow the plug hole
  • I love Audrey Hepburn, but not the biography written by her son.
  • I buy op-shop clothes and chop them up. Today I bought the mankiest blue jacket with puffy shoulders and a lace collar. I can’t wait.
  • My bestest buddy is Liam. He leaves today for three months
  • My sister is Julia. She stays here for three months. Once I spat a chewed up chocolate bullet on her.
  • My sister is Mary. She lives in Sydney and enjoys yoga (and long walks on the beach).
  • My parents live on a farm
  • I love my daddy
  • And my mummy
  • I like drinking Kahlua with lots of ice
  • I often opt to stay at home over going out – here the pub toilets don’t have locks and are covered in yesterday’s vomit.
  • I dance in my room and sing into inanimate objects.
  • I can’t wait to grow up.

Things I wish to do this summer:

  • swim at beach and pool
  • sew me some new threads
  • buy me some new threads
  • do some kind of work experience somewhere
  • cook cakes and cookies
  • clean out Interp office
  • look for a new house
  • drink beer on my porch
  • get fit (ish)
  • watch movies and fourth season of Six Feet Under
  • buy sunglasses and resist from sitting on them
  • go to some kind of music festival
  • travel to the big smoke.
  • dance in the sun and sporadic thunderstorms.

Yeh, I know….. Love, Stephie.